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60 x 90 cm
Oil on canvas, 60*90, 2012

All Fit Women

50 x 40 cm
Oil on canvas, 50*40, 2011

Before Show

119 x 79 cm
Oil on canvas, 119*79, 2017

Black Panther

31 x 41 cm
Oil on silk, 31*41, 2018


74 x 60 cm
Oil on canvas, 74*60, 2020


90 x 111 cm
Oil on canvas, 90*111, 2011

Eastern Bazar

77 x 98 cm
Oil on canvas, 77*98, 2011

F1 Merlion

102 x 126 cm
Oil on canvas, 102*126, 2012

Glass Architecture

127 x 101 cm
Oil on canvas, 127*101, 2017

Key from Heart

88 x 84 cm
Oil on canvas, 88*84, 2010


100 x 70 cm
Oil on canvas, 100*70, 2015

Seven of Diamonds

88 x 84 cm
Oil on canvas, 88*84, 2010

Tatiana Alieva was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, and graduated from the National University of Azerbaijan with a Biology degree. During four years in Moscow, she studied art alongside Russian artists now widely recognised for their artistic achievements. She and her family then moved to Wellington, New Zealand, where her creative passion blossomed, capturing the spectacular city, ocean and mountain scenery.
Art Enrichment Programs at the La Salle SIA College of Arts provided yet another dimension to her vibrant and colourful style, now focused on Asia. Images of a very different kind graced her canvas during four years in Thailand, after which she moved to Singapore, where her two, very international children, completed high school. For the past eighteen years, Tatiana and Firoudin, her husband, have settled in Singapore, their home away from home.
Sunny childlike joy and mature feminine grace reveal the depths of Tatiana’s world experience and imagination. Lavender blooms of the French landscape, wild animals of Africa, agile forms of Spanish Flamenco dancers, Singapore motor racing, and her butterflies’ brilliant colours. These are just some of her favourite subjects she explores through prolific art.
Tatiana’s artworks have featured in South East Asian art auctions and are collected worldwide by private and corporate art lovers and investors, including The National Art Museum of Azerbaijan.


2003 – she won third prize in the National Exhibition in Azerbaijan.
Her painting is in Museum in Azerbaijan.
2003 – International Exhibition in “Chateau d’Arts”, Singapore.
2004 – Azerbaijan artists Exhibition, Dubai.
2004 – Solo Exhibition in “D’apres Nous”, Singapore.
2005 – Solo Exhibition in “Gazelli” Baku, Azerbaijan.
2006 – International Exhibition in “Linda” Gallery, Singapore.
2008 – Solo Exhibition “Colors Rendezvous” in Gallery “Nawei.”
Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore.
2008 – International Exhibition “Passion for Art” in Gallery “Nawei.”
Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore
2009 – International Exhibition “Formula Art One” in Gallery
“Nawei” Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore
2009 – Exhibition of artists from Azerbaijan
Fullerton Hotel, Singapore
2010 – International Exhibition” Formula Art in Motion” Royal Plaza on Scotts Hotel,
2010 – Solo Exhibition “Glitz, Glamour and Romance” in Gallery “Nawei.”
Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore
2010 – International Exhibition “Art’s Greeting” in Gallery “Nawei.”
Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore
2011 – Solo Exhibition in Fort Canning Hotel
2011- Exhibition of Works at “The Frame Society”, Singapore

2012 – “Symphony of Golden Dragon” Joint Russian Art Exhibition
Fullerton Hotel, Singapore
2012- Solo Exhibition at “The Frame Society”, Singapore
2013 – III rd Gabala International Art Exhibition, Azerbaijan
2014 – Solo Exhibition in Ion Gallery, Singapore
2015 – Solo Exhibition in NUSS, Singapore
2016 – Art Without Borders. Group Exhibition. Baku. Azerbaijan

“My paintings are always very colourful because they are about the things that attract me and show how I feel. In my artwork, I try to portray the atmosphere around me and find the artistic language that can translate my vision of the world.”