My Perfect Weekend with art entrepreneur Livette Dikalenko

Exquisite Art Livette Dikalenko The Straight Times


I frequently head to Din Tai Fung at Paragon mall on Orchard Road for lunch.
I like the xiao long bao (soup dumplings) and steamed chicken soup.
One of my favourite spots to unwind is the Asian Civilisations Museum because it focuses on Asian art, culture and heritage.
The exhibitions are always engaging and provide endless insight into many Asian cultures.
I take a walk at Fort Canning Park whenever I can.
It has such an iconic history.
I enjoy seeing the artefacts and relics and discovering Singapore’s history while surrounded by nature.
On my rest days, I also make it a point to attend Gyrotonic classes at The Moving Body branch at The Herencia in River Valley.
This exercise system incorporates movement from sports such as yoga, dance, gymnastics and swimming.
It involves a device with weighted pulleys, which I use in different exercises to strengthen muscles and increase joint mobility.
It is very relaxing and helps me decompress.
At the end of my rest days, I like to unwind at my favourite bar, 67 Pall Mall on Scotts Road, with a glass of Krug champagne.
The interior design is breathtaking.
I love the hand-painted, hand-embroidered silk wall covering that features flora and fauna in the Singapore Botanic Gardens.
The bar’s design, combined with the stunning views of the city, results in an unrivalled atmosphere.”

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