Exquisite Art Flourishes With Fully Digital Gallery Brought To You By Livette Dikalenko

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Exquisite Art Flourishes With Fully Digital Gallery Brought To You By Livette Dikalenko

Founded in 2016 by Livette Dikalenko (pictured above), Exquisite Art is an online collection of exclusive paintings by artists worldwide. Exquisite Art uses its online presence to connect artists with prospective buyers. Playing a vital role in ensuring artists receive their worth from the Art they create, the online platform is the bridge between influential buyers who appreciate exquisite Art and talented international artists.

Meticulously curated by the owner herself, Livette encourages the artists from whom she sources to create unique artworks that will pique the interest of her international buyers. The gallery curates all mediums of Art, from paintings to sculptures. The website’s clever interface allows buyers to select their specific interests or requirements from the categories provided: Artist, Medium, Style, Genre, Height, Width, and even the Artist’s origin.

“I started this business based on my strong belief that an artist’s reach to the global market shouldn’t be limited by nationality or geographical location. I’m heartened to see how Exquisite Art has offered ample opportunities for our artists and bridged the gap between them and international art collectors over the past six years,” says Livette Dikalenko, Founder of Exquisite Art.

Typically, Livette works with artists who originate from distinguished and highly trained arts backgrounds, providing them with a platform to share their work with a global audience. In addition to Singaporean artists, the online gallery works with talents worldwide.

Fueled by a passion for Art, the entrepreneur came to Singapore in 2016 to launch Exquisite Art, finding the audience here open and discerning in their taste. Exquisite Art provides a turnkey service for its clients, including on-site logistical support for artwork inspection and a team of highly-experienced professional art experts available to answer buyers’ queries.

Exquisite Art shifted from being a brick-and-mortar gallery to a fully online operation in 2020. Having participated in numerous art fairs and exhibitions, the company has carved its name in the local art scene, enabling artists to have their work commercialised. Exquisite Art also contributes to charity organisations in Singapore, such as the Singapore Children’s Society, with a portion of proceeds earned at various events and art fairs.

Livette strives to bring Art of international status to Singapore and contribute to Singapore’s role as an emerging Art Hub. With Art and culture constantly evolving together with people’s appetite for exquisite artwork, she perpetuates her passion by meeting new talents from all over the world and adding them to the platform. Today, Exquisite Art has over 1,000 paintings listed on the website.

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10 October 2022

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