Dear Artist, 

We are happy to welcome you to the Exquisite Art website and registration page of your very personal online artwork gallery. We are looking forward to our upcoming and exciting collaboration with you.

Today, Exquisite Art is not just an online platform representing the interests of various artists, leading agencies and artwork owners, but also an unsurpassed leader of online space with necessarily certified and authentic art, created in different parts of the globe.

Now with the Exquisite Art platform, you can upload your artworks to your Internet gallery, without any cost for placement, making a better and rather significant profit this way, while selling your artwork to our clients worldwide, based on the 35% commission from every single sale with the Exquisite Art platform.

You can download your brief annotation and agreement available for you straight after this registration.

Sincerely Yours, Livette Dikalenko,
Exquisite Art