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Livette Dikalenko

Chief Executive Officer at Exquisite Art Pte Ltd

Livette Dikalenko is a distinguished professional who has seamlessly merged her passion for Art with a solid foundation in business, creating a unique identity in the competitive world of the art industry. Hailing from Almaty, Kazakhstan, Livette is a proud graduate of the University of International Business, where she acquired a comprehensive understanding of global business dynamics. At the heart of Livette’s professional journey is her association with Exquisite Art, a renowned company that stands as a beacon in Art. Exquisite Art is celebrated for its commitment to promoting exceptional artists and fostering a vibrant art community. Livette, with her unique blend of skills and enthusiasm, found the perfect platform to contribute to the company’s success and elevate its position in the industry.


  • Critical Figure in the Art Industry:
    One of Livette’s notable achievements at Exquisite Art is her pivotal role in shaping and overseeing the company’s strategic initiatives.
  • Strategic Initiatives:
    With a keen eye for emerging trends and a deep appreciation for artistic innovation, Livette has been instrumental in curating a collection that resonates with seasoned art enthusiasts and those new to the world of fine arts.
  • Leadership and Collaboration: Under her guidance, Exquisite Art has become synonymous with quality, originality, and a commitment to showcasing contemporary art’s best.
  • Advocacy for the Arts: Beyond her achievements at Exquisite Art, Livette Dikalenko advocates for the arts, consistently championing the importance of supporting artists and creating platforms for them to thrive. Her journey from the University of International Business to the forefront of the art world exemplifies the transformative power of education, dedication, and a passion-driven career.


Graduating from the University of International Business equipped Livette with a global perspective and an understanding of the complexities of international business dealings. This knowledge became a cornerstone for her role at Exquisite Art, where she not only had to navigate the intricacies of the art market but also handle the international dimensions of the industry. Her ability to blend her educational background with practical insights played a crucial role in steering Exquisite Art through the dynamic landscape of the art world.

Contribution to Art:

Livette’s impact extends beyond curatorial responsibilities; she has also significantly fostered a collaborative environment within Exquisite Art. Her leadership style emphasizes open communication and a commitment to nurturing talent. This approach has enhanced the company’s creative atmosphere and positioned Exquisite Art as a thought leader and trendsetter in the art industry.


Armed with a degree from one of Kazakhstan’s premier educational institutions, Livette embarked on a journey that would see her emerge as a critical figure in the thriving art scene. Her academic background laid the groundwork for a career showcasing her business acumen and reflecting her love for the arts.

Awards and Publications:

  • Livette Dikalenko’s narrative is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of business prowess and artistic passion.
  • Shaping the Trajectory of Exquisite Art
  • Standing as an inspiring figure
Education: University of International Business Almaty
Location: Kazakhstan
Title: Bachelor’s Degree, International Relations and Affairs

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