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Отвези меня к берегу

Sometimes everything falls apart around you, and your entire world collapses under your feet. Everything you know and hold dear to your heart is swept away by what feels like a cold and gigantic tsunami wave. What you believed in holds no longer valid, the people you trusted are no longer reliable; your perception of reality is challenged. Whether this comes from external factors or it all takes place in your mind, the process is the same, and you have no choice; you change.

Change is an incredibly powerful force like Dr. M. Scott Peck so objectively detailed in his wisdom book 'The Road Less Traveled,' the process of updating our outdated map of reality is a painful and challenging exercise. But we need to be willing and make an effort to go through this process to survive and grow and become better versions of ourselves.

'Take Me to The Shore' is an expression of the overwhelming sense of powerlessness we experience when we feel that our beautiful world as we know it is drowning. But beauty also comes with change, and while one world is destroyed and carried away by the sea in little pieces, another universe even more stunning and beautiful is created. One that will bring you up and make you shine.

Цена: $ 2474
Материал: Акрил, Холст
Стиль: Абстракционизм
Жанр: Абстрактный Экспрессионизм
Высота: 91.5 (см)
Ширина: 76.0 (см)
Толщина: 2.0 (см)
Год: 2019
Местонахождение товара: Гонконг
Artist's Origin: Норвегия
Издание: Ручная работа, Оригинал

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