We proudly present a new project from Exquisite Art, dedicated to the production of canvas prints. Our online gallery includes everything needed to allow you to create and order magnificent paintings on canvas for your personal taste, including an extensive catalog of images, a canvas designer, tips and advice on choosing the plot and the design of the product, as well as inspiring examples to sample.

At the high table of contemporary art, the master photographer sits comfortably beside the master painter. Artistic photographs, no longer confined to coffee table magazines and brochures, are now adorning the spaces, and indeed the frames, once preserved for paintings -  and to stunning effect. In Singapore, as with other major cities in the world, artistic photo prints are in increasing demand as a decorating solution for houses, apartments and offices.

Photo prints for interior spaces are more than classical forms of art; they are consistent with the spirit of the times, the needs of modern people and the style of our lives. Create an individual, original, stylish decor for your home or office with a photo print - perhaps a dynamic urban landscape, the visual intensity of a living creature frozen at a moment in time, or a glamorous celebrity. Let your guests puzzle over whether your canvas prints are photos or paintings!

Our online store are able to provide services as:

  1. Order an existing original portrait of a well-known personality. Prices are displayed in the catalog.
  2. Choose a portrait artist in the "Artists"dropdown list and commission a portrait of yourself, your loved ones or anyone else. You will be able to discuss the size, material, style and all other details during a personal meeting with the artist.

In order to facilitate your choice of the modern portrait painter you would like to commission, we have included in this section examples of works by the famous artists with whom we work .

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to call us: we are here for you around the clock.

This online store is proudly opened for you to enjoy extraordinary and unique works of art. We offer paintings, folk art and custom made portraits. Also here you will find original masterpieces by famous contemporary artists.

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