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Methodology Of Yourself

Colors can strongly influence a person’s thoughts, feelings, and consciousness.

The use of different intensities and various combinations of colours allow the viewer to plunge into Natalia’s consciousness of her being, the perception of the world through color.

The artist speaks to the viewer using color. Colors have many meanings, and each person can perceive colour differently.

Blue is a classic color that signifies calm and spirituality.

Color is the key to the kingdom of the spirit, the purpose of my work is precisely the transfer of the spiritual mood.

To allow people to experience her spiritual experience.

Blue is also the color of the sky.

With great strength, an individual develops the element of peace, blue symboliыes miracles, dreams, something fabulous and mysterious.” Pink is the color of calmness, tranquility, and serenity.

24 karat gold symbolizes the value of knowledge, moment in time. “In every person, there is a philosophical stone, which gives its owner an extraordinary ability to turn into gold whatever he touches. But it is very difficult for us to discover this gift in ourselves” Even Yves Klein.

Working together creates a high calm and spiritual effect.

Price: $ 2962
Medium: Acrylic, Canvas, Collage, Gold leaf
Style: Abstract Art
Genre: Abstract Expressionism
Height: 92.0 (cm)
Width: 92.0 (cm)
Depth: 0.0 (cm)
Year: 2021
Item's location: Singapore
Artist's Origin: Russian Federation
Edition: Handmade, Original
Weight: 1500 g.

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