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Lyrical Landscape Effect

Liberation of colour and form from clear composition and logic, the liberation of colour from plot and form, try to set the viewer in a meditative way.

Colour, abstract image, and following intuition are the tools that will enable us to achieve Natalia’s goal. The work built around her subconscious will most closely convey the inner state without distracting and loading the viewer with plot forms. With an emphasis on light and bright colours, blue is one of the primary colours of security, calmness, and trust.

Using gold foil in Natalia’s work as a symbol of radiant happiness. Gold has evoked admiration at all times. The worship of gold can be explained by the fact that it looks like a ray of the sun. It was believed that the sun is made of gold, so this metal was worshipped, and it was believed that it was endowed with divine power. Golden crowns, golden halos under the sun's rays, like little slates. Portraits of saints from ancient times were painted with gold trim. Artist also strives to achieve this understanding in her work.

The colour, the plot and the scale of the painting are vivid and entirely immerse the viewer in the picture itself, to her state. It serves as a reminder of the spiritual, natural to the viewer. As a result, the healing of the soul and the mood of the viewer takes place in a positive, calm, kind-hearted way. In the modern world, especially large cities which are full of stress and greyness, the blue colour of the sky can rarely be seen blue due to the smoke around it.

Price: $ 2960
Medium: Acrylic, Canvas, Collage, Gold leaf
Style: Abstract Art
Genre: Abstract Expressionism
Height: 101.0 (cm)
Width: 152.0 (cm)
Depth: 0.0 (cm)
Year: 2021
Item's location: Singapore
Artist's Origin: Russian Federation
Edition: Handmade, Original

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