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The Atomic Lighthouse

“The Atomic Lighthouse” artwork is inspired by a real lighthouse.
The Aniva lighthouse was built by the Japanese in 1939, on a chunk of rock off the southern coast of Sakhalin, a thin 950 km long island situated just east of Russia, between the sea of Japan and Russia’s Sea of Okhotsk. The island was mostly uninhabited until 1800 were when both Japan and Russia became interested in annexing it; the Russians for use as a penal colony.
That led to years of conflict, decrease, and buildup of military forces, with both nations agreeing to split the island across the 50th parallel. A ring of light-houses was built on Sakhalin’s rocky coast to signal incoming troop carriers and merchant ships.
Now the Aniva lighthouse is abandoned. Its seven stories of diesel engines, accumulator rooms, keeper’s living spaces, radio facilities, storerooms, large clockwork pendulum (for regulating optical system), and 300kg pool of mercury (as a low friction rotation surface for the lens) are still, and echo only with the crash of waves against the surrounding crags.
This artwork was hand painted using premium oil paints (Mussini, Old Holland, Michael Harding, Williamsburg, etc.).
The painting is one of a kind artwork which was not repeated or copied or reproduced.
It is ready to hang and comes on a stretched canvas with the edges painted.
The painting will be carefully packed to ensure it arrives safely at the destination.

Old price: $ 2210
Price: $ 1200
Medium: Canvas, Oil
Style: Impressionism
Genre: Landscape
Height: 85.0 (cm)
Width: 61.0 (cm)
Depth: 0.0 (cm)
Year: 2018
Item's location: Singapore
Artist's Origin: Russian Federation
Edition: Handmade, Original

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