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Singapore Night

The painting Singapore Night was created in Turkmenistan, several years after the author visited this city. The night view of Singapore delighted Vitaly so much, leaving indelible emotions with its grandeur, mystery and singularity. On the canvas, we see the famous panorama of Singapore. In the background, a shining port and a business district with its skyscrapers that do not stop life even at night open up. The many lights at the foot of the buildings are the eternal life of the city, which, honestly, never sleeps.
The reflection of the night plays in the dark waters of Marina Bay. The Art and Science Museum sprawls quaintly along the coast of the Gulf. This building is one of the symbols of the city-state. To the left of the museum, the two-hundred-meter bulk of the world-famous Marina Bay Sands hotel darkens.
With this artwork in the Urban Landscape style, the author expressed his warm gratitude to Singapore for the rich impressions of visiting this small, but undoubtedly beautiful country.

Old price: $ 8450
Price: $ 6000
Medium: Canvas, Oil
Style: Contemporary Art
Genre: Urban Landscape
Height: 101.0 (cm)
Width: 250.0 (cm)
Year: 2016
Item's location: Singapore
Artist's Origin: Turkmenistan
Edition: Handmade, Original

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