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Not Her Eyes

Brilliant, colourful, literally eye-catching painting “Not Her Eyes” depicted on canvas by Sergei Smirnov shows a very stylish combination of different street art techniques established in a portrait of a beautiful woman.
This painting carries a profound and significant meaning, demonstrates how in this case the feminine look can speak in silence and merely captivate everyone around it. Depicted in the shades of grey gorgeous wide-opened eyes, created by a talented and modern artist, look much brighter than a fluorescent and colourful palette.
Undeniably fantastic and ultramodern artwork fascinates, pleases with excellent technique, showing a great variety of colours, captivates with a brilliant, exciting idea. A monochrome portrait of a woman depicted on a canvas with a painting spray, spatula and acrylic markers, on a black background, also demonstrates the general contour of her head, combined with bright spots as a part of the street art scene.
The painting "Not Her Eyes" filled with a deep meaning, excites the viewer not only with its bright and colourful splendour but also with a trendy combination of pop and street art, harmoniously created on a canvas.

The artwork in the mixed authoring technique: acrylic, aerosol paint, palette knife, acrylic markers - on canvas. On a black background is depicted as an abstract skull outline made with smudges in the street art style, a monochrome portrait of a woman

Price: $ 1600
Medium: Acrylic, Canvas, Spray paints
Style: Popular Art
Genre: Portrait
Height: 90.0 (cm)
Width: 90.0 (cm)
Depth: 0.0 (cm)
Item's location: Russian Federation
Artist's Origin: Russian Federation
Edition: Handmade, Original

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