We proudly present a new project from Exquisite Art, dedicated to the production of canvas prints. Our online gallery includes everything needed to allow you to create and order magnificent paintings on canvas for your personal taste, including an extensive catalog of images, a canvas designer, tips and advice on choosing the plot and the design of the product, as well as inspiring examples to sample.

At the high table of contemporary art, the master photographer sits comfortably beside the master painter. Artistic photographs, no longer confined to coffee table magazines and brochures, are now adorning the spaces, and indeed the frames, once preserved for paintings -  and to stunning effect. In Singapore, as with other major cities in the world, artistic photo prints are in increasing demand as a decorating solution for houses, apartments and offices.

Photo prints for interior spaces are more than classical forms of art; they are consistent with the spirit of the times, the needs of modern people and the style of our lives. Create an individual, original, stylish decor for your home or office with a photo print - perhaps a dynamic urban landscape, the visual intensity of a living creature frozen at a moment in time, or a glamorous celebrity. Let your guests puzzle over whether your canvas prints are photos or paintings!

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Serigraph print on paper, 70*100, 2009
Serigraph on paper, 60*80, 2002
Serigraph print on paper, 70*50, 1990
Serigraph print on paper, 50*70, 1990
Serigraph print on paper, 100*70, 1990
Serigraph print on paper, 100*70, 1990
Serigraph print on paper, 60*80, 1990
Serigraph print on paper, 70*70, 1990
Serigraph print on paper, 100*70, 1990
Serigraph print on paper, 60*80, 1990
Serigraph print on paper, 60*80, 1990
Serigraph print on paper, 70*100, 1990
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Photos from the Exquisite Art catalogue are prepared using the latest equipment and to the highest professional standards. The experienced staff at Exquisite Art are available to help in choosing the right picture and its parameters, the corresponding design elements and ensuring that the purchase fulfills your needs. In our virtual collection you can sample a range of original, stylish photographs – and with our rapid service can shortly grace the walls of your apartment or office.

We work 24/7. And our photo prints are made individually. We do not have standard solutions - each product on our online gallery can prepared with different sizes and design options. You choose from canvas or paper, stretcher, frame, passepartout . We can do everything.

We produce wall photo prints  of any size with any design. You decide what image, what size, what frame and what shades of color you wish for your photo print. We can produce photo prints individually and in volume for commercial applications. Anything is possible with Exquisite Art..

We employ the latest high-end printing equipment which allows us to fulfill orders  with quality and speed. To help you proceed as have an experienced team of designers, artists and technical personnel, to coordinate and assist you with the design of any premises.

Photo prints on canvas create a cozy personal atmosphere for your home. Fill your personal space with fresh, bright, colors that express your personality. Wait no longer to start transforming your interior!

All our products are printed exclusively on environmentally friendly natural cotton canvas.

Ordering from Exquisite Art is fast and simple. Submit your order, specifying your preferences as far as possible and we will contact you to clarify details and advise as required.

Our prints are produced in Singapore and can be delivered anywhere in the world that is serviced by representative offices of shipping companies.

So, go to the catalog, choose a image and create your personal photo-canvas; its never been easier.

Our online ordering makes the purchase of designer print canvases simple and convenient. From the selection of images from our extensive catalog, to specifying your preferred method of delivery and payment, our website can take care of it all without you leaving your home or office. Orders can be made in a matter of minutes, with personal telephone or email follow-up and support from  our managers to assist with any questions or special needs you may have.

Our business is built on our reputation for quality and respect for our customers. We guarantee the high quality of our products. Our manufacturing process is environmentally safe, and all materials are certified. If you have any specific requirements on materials or processes we are here to find solutions that will meet your expectations.

Our managers and designers are always ready to help, both to clarify any needs and to advise. The selection of your prints should be a stress-free experience! You only need to contact us to discuss any questions.

And if you prefer the exclusive touch the copyright to our prints is available for purchase, to ensure that your work is truly individual.

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