The Lady Of Skullcaps

Even today, in the markets of the Ferghana Valley, you can meet a bunch of girls and women who wear a multi-layered row of men's skullcaps on their heads. They are sellers of skullcaps. Choose what suits you! The artist cannot miss the exotic moment and recreates a specific prototype, a woman who wears a long male "crown"; this is the lady of the skullcaps. We can imagine how and by whom images of fictional characters, heroes that are found in fairy tales and myths of the ancient world, can be born.

Price: $ 2700
Medium: Canvas, Oil
Style: Symbolism
Genre: Genre painting
Height: 100.0 (cm)
Width: 80.0 (cm)
Depth: 0.0 (cm)
Year: 2016
Item's location: Uzbekistan
Artist's Origin: Uzbekistan
Edition: Handmade, Original

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