Bright, modern and trendy painting on canvas with a vibrant texture "Ri" by Sergey Smirnov depicted: with an extraordinary, colourful fluorescent addition, clever combination of acrylic paint and spray, with a palette knife or painting spatulas, stencils and paint markers. This beautiful artwork dedicated to one of the best-selling female singers of all time, eight times "Grammy" award winner, pop and R&B performer - Rihanna.
In his artwork, Sergey often pays remarkable attention to the beauty of women's eyes. Same as in this painting, we also admire a very colourful and bright look of a very popular singer, portrayed in a half-turn to her audience.
Fascinating and optical portrait depicted with an unusual combination of solid acrylic and transparent, but also light texture shows an impressive amount of layers implemented to highlight a significant volume of elements, created with a palette knife.
Gorgeous painting, in a circular shape also placed in a black square, looks even more stylish and modern, can fill your space with an excellent combination of colours and establish a brilliant and beautiful interior design solution.

The painting in the author's mixed technique: acrylic, aerosol paint, palette knife, stencil, acrylic markers - on canvas. A large combination of layers, subtle transparency of some segments in conjunction with thick acrylic creates a beautiful contrast and airiness of the background. Textured elements are made with a palette knife. Over portrait in visual art. 2018

Price: $ 1600
Medium: Acrylic, Canvas, Spray paints
Style: Popular Art
Genre: Portrait
Height: 90.0 (cm)
Width: 90.0 (cm)
Depth: 0.0 (cm)
Year: 2018
Item's location: Russian Federation
Artist's Origin: Russian Federation
Edition: Handmade, Original

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