Oil painting is executed in black and white colors. The main role in this story does't play girl, which sitting on a bench in the rain and waiting, namely, that we are always waiting for that is our life will be better. When we find a soul mate, when we get a better job. When finally buy a bigger house, a better car, we can go on vacation, retire ... We are always waiting for a better time. But the truth is that there is no better time. Daily problems endlessly, of which life consists. And if not now, then when? Better to appreciate every moment and remember that time waits for no one. So do not wait, when you lose weight, get married, the children appear. When children go to school, grow up, get married. Do not wait for the New Year, spring and autumn, or next Monday of the month. Because there is no way to happiness, happiness is the is the Way!

Price: $ 4600
Medium: Canvas, Oil
Style: Modernism
Genre: Genre painting
Height: 60.0 (cm)
Width: 80.0 (cm)
Year: 2014
Item's location: Singapore
Artist's Origin: Belarus
Edition: Handmade, Original

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