Goffredo Civiterese (Italy)

Goffredo Civiterese was born in 1936 in Chieti, Italy.

His last residence was in Pescara where he passed away in 2016.

The artistic career of Goffredo goes back to the 1960s when he began solo exhibitions throughout Italy’s big cities like Naples, Rome, Bologna, Milan to mention a few.

As well as, international spaces like New York, London, Basel, Amsterdam & Columbus.

His artworks were focused on the study of the human figure placed in monteplici pictorial context, in which faces & bodies appear drowned in colours with strong results of enigmatic sensation.

Over the years he engaged in intense art exhibition activities & art fairs throughout Italy & abroad while closely monitored by the press.



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Oil on canvas, 50*70, 2009
Oil on canvas, 90*60, 2006
Serigraph print on paper, 70*50, 1990
Serigraph print on paper, 50*70, 1990
Serigraph print on paper, 100*70, 1990
Serigraph print on paper, 100*70, 1990

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