“Uzbekistan on the Great Silk Road: Images of Millennia”
This event took place in the premises of the Crossroads of Cultures association, in “Laboratory17" ("Hofatelier17") at the address: Jungbuschstr. 17, Mannheim.

This is a story told by the Artist, Winnie Wong, from Hong Kong, using watercolour on paper.
"Journey to Space" is about how the character left her comfort zone (the earth), travelled to the outer space to explore the territory of the unknown, and experienced the fantasy world. At the end of the story, she found a unicorn horn, placed it on her forehead, and flew off as a unicorn to continue with her adventure.
This story marks the beautiful beginning of the artist in pursuing her passion and going after her dream.

“Journey to Space, watercolour by Winnie Wong”

“London”, is a large commissioned oil painting for a returning customer based in Australia who already had two other commissioned pieces of Winnie’s artwork.

This is a gift this customer would like to give to his wife for her 40th birthday, showing the unique memory where they jogged along the river, enjoying the view of the Tower Bridge.

“Dream Chaser”, an abstract oil painting, currently residing with a wonderful lady in Hong Kong who supports Winnie as an emerging artist to go after her dream.


Winnie Wong’s artist studio - check out what she is going to create in this wonderful space in Hong Kong!

“Childhood” - a design sketch for an oil painting created for a man who wanted to recall his memory as a child, playing with his grandfather in their caravan.

I love the ideation part a lot when it comes to designing the character for children's storybook... I like to experiment the design with its personality and behaviour - for this little cute thing: he's curious, bored, and always dreaming about something else (yet not living in the present).

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