Aprajita Chadha (India)

Aprajita pursuit of art took her on a journey across some of the most incredible cities

Aprajita was born in Mumbai, India and pursued art at an early age.

She was acquainted with textile design; Aprajita did an undergraduate degree at Sophia Polytechnic Mumbai.

After graduating, she worked as a pattern designer at NRK export house in Mumbai.

After that, Aprajita set up her creative design practice specialising in traditional Indian block print techniques.

In 1995 she moved to Tokyo, where Aprajita broadened her artistic knowledge and horizons.

She spent six years studying the ancient Japanese art of the black ink painting Sumi-e, resulting in her first participation in a group exhibition.

Moving to Singapore, Aprajita studied at the Lasalle College of the Arts to expand her skills in various art techniques.

She further developed her abstract work using oil paints and subsequently started exploring mixed media and acrylics.

Aprajita has since established herself as an artist in Singapore.

Featuring an eclectic mix of media, Aprajita’s artworks have been exhibited in Singapore, Tokyo, Dubai and Paris.

Her masterpieces are in the private collections in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Singapore.


2021: Virtual Exhibition with AHC Projects, Hamburg, Germany

2020: Spectrum Miami, Vietnam (cancelled)

2019: Bank Art Fair, Singapore

2018: Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris, France

2018: Tatinis Art Show, Sweden, Loderup

2018: Tatinis Art Show, Singapore

2018: World Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE

2016: Gallery The Right Side, Singapore

2011: Volvo Showroom, Singapore

1997: American Club, Tokyo, Japan





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Mixed media on canvas, 60*40, 2018
Mixed media on canvas, 58*43, 2017
Mixed media on canvas, 61*41, 2017
Mixed media on canvas, 61*61, 2018
Oil on canvas, 76*101, 2016
Mixed media on canvas, 92*51, 2018

In private collection

Epoxy resin on wooden board
Mixed media on canvas, 2017
Mixed media on canvas, 64*57, 2019
Mixed media on plywood, 60*60, 2017
Acrylic on wooden board, 60*54, 2017
Oil on paper, 100*100, 2016
Mixed media on canvas, 46*36, 2018
Mixed media on canvas, 76*61, 2019
Mixed media on canvas, 122*61, 2018
Mixed media on canvas, 101*76, 2020
Mixed media on canvas

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