Alexander Lee (Uzbekistan)


1941 – Born in Margilan city, Uzbekistan
1959-64 – Studied at the Painting Department, Republican Art College named after P.P. Benkov, Tashkent
1964-69 – Studied Book Illustration at the Tashkent State Theatre and Art Institute named after A.N. Ostrovskiy, Tashkent
1969-71 – Art editor of "Gafur Gulyam" publishing house
1974 – Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR
1997 – Member of the Creative Union of Artists under the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan
1972 – Lecturer at the Republican Art College named after P.P. Benkov
1982-2001- Lecturer at the National Institute of Arts and Design named after K. Bekhzad
2011 – Awarded the Silver Medal of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan

Main Exhibitions:

1965 – Beginning of exhibition activity
1989 – The State Museum of Arts. Tashkent
1991 – Personal exhibition for the 50th anniversary, The Cinema House, Tashkent
2001 – Personal exhibition for the 60th anniversary, Central Exhibition Hall, Tashkent
2001 – Family, CEH, Tashkent
2004 – Shazhara, Museum of Applied Arts of Uzbekistan, Tashkent
2011 – Palette, CEH, Tashkent
2015 – Week of Arts exhibition, Tashkent
2015 – Lee Family exhibition, Tashkent House of Photography, Tashkent
2016 – Revival of Graphics exhibition, CEH, Tashkent
2017 – 25 years in Peace and Harmony exhibition, CEH, Tashkent
2017 – The Past is a Window into the Future personal exhibition, National Gallery of Uzbekistan

Alexander's works are found in the State Museum of Arts and the Exhibition Directorate of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, as well as in the private collections of Dr Nazarov, Anatoliy Khegay, and Anatoliy Kim, and outside the Republic of Uzbekistan.



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Tempera on canvas, 100*90, 1989
Tempera on canvas, 100*90, 1989
Oil on canvas, 115*81, 1997
Oil on canvas, 45*40, 1998
Oil on canvas, 80*70, 2000
Oil on canvas, 60*50, 1998
Oil on canvas, 160*120, 1993
Oil on canvas, 85*115, 2000
Oil on canvas, 59*46, 1998
Oil on canvas, 85*115, 1999
Oil on canvas, 95*115, 2000
Oil on canvas, 90*50, 1998
Oil on canvas, 82*115, 1998
Oil on canvas, 120*120, 1993

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