Abdukhakim Karimov (Uzbekistan)

Abdukhakim Karimov was born on May 18th in Tashkent.

In 1984 he graduated from the Benkov School of Fine Art in Tashkent. In 1992, he graduated from the faculty of monumental art in the Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture named after Mannon Uygʻur.

Knowledge of practices and technique of medieval miniature and academic painting formed special visionary of Abdukhakim Karimov. The artist uses tools of different techniques of fine art and that is what makes his works different with their originality and expressiveness.

His themes vary from the classical eastern poetry (Alisher Navaiy, Omar Khayyam, Nizami, Jami, etc.) to the contemporary complex philosophical narratives.

Beautiful eastern women, fairy-tale birds, animals, dervishes – all of them are the characters of this artist. The creativity of Abdukhakim Karimov is distinguished by the variety of art techniques and stand out in contemporary Uzbek arts.

Since 2009, Abdukhakim Karimov has started to create works, which combined miniature and monumental painting. Sometimes he uses canvas as a palette, thereby creating amazingly colorful and “cosmic” background, and brilliantly works with color scheme using colour to reflect certain mood. Abdukhakim Karimov in his works interprets historical narratives, provides his vision of one or another narrative moment, entering into a dialogue with the audience.

International exhibitions:

1999 – Exhibition “Treasure of Uzbekistan: Great Silk Road”, USA

2003 – Exhibition “Through the sunny East”, London, Great Britain

2008 – Exhibition “Presentation of the artists of Uzbekistan”, Iran

2012 – Exhibition “Navruz”, Vienna, Austria

2014 – International symposium, Nanning, Lei Shang, Beihai, China



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