Thank you for shopping at acts under the legislation of Singapore and other countries in compliance with consumer protection laws. All the information provided in this brief Policy may be a subject to any required and regulatory changes. acts as an intermediary between the buyer of the artwork or the Client and the Artist or the party that sells the artwork or any related goods to the Client. For this reason, the platform may be liable only for its intermediary services provided to these parties. The Client can purchase one or multiple artworks from one or different Artists using the platform. also can sell the artwork on behalf of the Artist under previously concluded contract or agreement with the owner of the artwork, also can advertise purchased artwork based on the ownership at any time for the selling purposes.

General order processing time should not exceed 10 business days after the order placement and related purchase confirmation.

The estimated delivery date usually occurs after 10 – 14 business days once your order processed. The third parties or delivering companies partnering with are responsible for the delivery of the orders.

Please be advised that platform may experience a high volume of orders that may cause the orders processing time and shipment delays. We will contact all the parties involved in the delivery and purchase of the order via email or phone, in the occurrence of any delays or order processing faults, technical errors in work of the platform, to provide all the parties with required information related to these circumstances.

Once the order has been shipped the Client, and the Artist will receive a Delivery Confirmation email containing the delivery tracking number(s).

The Artist must provide the Client only with relevant and accurate information related to the artwork, cannot give any false advertisement to the Client or sell the same artwork more than once.

All the artwork presented at platform is certified or has relevant proof of authenticity. It is an Artists direct responsibility to make sure that his artwork has required certification or he can prove the authenticity to the Client. may order required verification as an intermediate to verify the authenticity of the artwork presented on the platform.

The Artist is responsible for updating the platform using his gallery, account to provide only relevant information about all artwork he advertises on the platform.

We strongly recommend appropriate insurance to cover unfortunate circumstances that may appear during the delivery of the artwork, provided by the delivering company or any other insurance provider.

Delivery and related insurance costs are not included in Retail Price of any artwork advertised or presented at platform. As any delivery costs depend on the artworks’ original location and eventual delivery destination, Client can identify, choose and agree on the delivery method and rates advertised on the platform. Otherwise, he can communicate the delivery method directly with the Artist, as the Client can pick up purchased artwork by himself or can organize the pick up of purchased artwork directly upon confirmation and agreement with the Artist.

All the payments for the artwork advertised on the platform processed via payments methods announced on the platform. After payment confirmation, the Artist obligated to send purchased artwork to the Client.

In case of any dispute between the Client and the Artist the Customer Service team always ready to provide with information and support to achieve any complaints and disputes resolutions. does not hold any liabilities and won’t be responsible for any customs applied to the order. All fees imposed during or after delivery would be the responsibility of the Client or the Artist if these fees were not specified and addressed to the Client pre the purchase (tariffs, taxes, etc.).​ is not liable for any damaged or lost artwork during the delivery. Regardless we will be happy to participate in solving any misunderstanding that may appear between the Client and the Artist related to any artwork represented or advertised at the platform or any resources associated with​.

If the Client receives damaged order, he needs to contact and inform the Artist. So he can negotiate the refund. Regardless our Customer Services team always ready to help to identify any possible resolution for the dispute between the Client and the Artist.

It is the Artists’ direct responsibility to make sure that the packaging of purchased artwork: well prepared for the upcoming shipment. Please see​ packaging guide for any further and related information. In case of a lousy packaging, the Artist will have to hold all the responsibilities and liabilities for the potential claim resolution. 

For the Client, it is necessary to save all packaging materials and damaged goods before filing a claim. If the return will be required and specified by the Artist, the Client would have to send the artwork back to the Artist; otherwise, the photos of the damaged goods accepted as an alternative. These photos as the issue identification will be necessary for further discussion with a third party delivering the artwork or the Artist.

We recommend for all parties involved to confirm the proper insurance, so any related to the delivery claims or complaints have insurance coverage and resolution.

In case of lost or damaged artwork, the Client will be eligible for a full refund.

If you have any questions related to the refund for some particular purchase, please ask our Customer Service team for related clarification.

If you find that you have bought the artwork that is not conforming to the agreement at the time of delivery, you should first check whether the artwork purchased within the past 6 months.

Please do not forget that we are here to help if you define the artwork or any product purchased at as not conforming to the original agreement and description and if the purchased artwork, for example:

  • is not of a satisfactory quality; or
  • is not fit for any purpose communicated before the point of purchase.

If you believe that any items at the platform have the description that does not correspond with the artwork, or you find any misleading and confusing information about the platform, or you believe that some artwork maybe not the original quality please kindly advise our Customer Services Representatives for the internal investigation.

Our Customers still may be eligible for the refund if the delivered artwork has the satisfactory quality, conform with the original description and certification, also was not defined as “damaged” upon the fulfillment of all specified conditions in below:

  • The artwork was purchased in the last 14 days.
  • The artwork isn’t used or damaged.
  • You have the receipt or proof of purchase.
  • Client covers any related costs associated with the shipping of purchased artwork back to the Artist.

Delivery charges incurred in connection with the return of the artwork are non-refundable to the Client.

Delivery charges and related costs may vary, for more information, please contact our Customer Service Representatives or the Artist directly for relevant information.

Any sale items cannot be refunded to the Client. Only regular price items can be compensated.

If you have any questions about our Delivery and Returns Policy, please contact us: